The WRAPP Roadeo allows transportation providers throughout Wisconsin the opportunity to improve their skills while having fun with their peers.


The right way is the safe way.  Proper training by certified instructors.


Education and training that can be used at work as well as in everyday life.

Welcome to Wisconsin Rural And Paratransit Providers

WRAPP is an association of specialized transportation providers organized to provide a resource network for all providers in the State of Wisconsin.  The goal is to create greater public awareness and community support of rural and specialized transportation programs.

Our Purpose

  • Promote public awareness and support community transportation in the State of Wisconsin.
  • Monitor and inform members of local, state, and national legislative and government actions that affect the transit industry.
  • Promote transportation education and training.
  • Provide a forum for discussion and study of community transportation issues and problems.
  • Provide regular reports and updates on matters affecting transportation in rural areas and for persons who are elderly and disabled.
  • Assist members in dealing with special problems.
  • Associate with professional colleagues from many different types of transit services.
  • Enhanced professional creditably.